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I am Andy Lockwood, and along with my wife Joy we initially put together a site called Classic Vehicle Data as a means of making information on classic vehicles available to vehicle owners and restorers. It started when my Dad died and left us a collection of information in the form of books, notes and data sheets he had saved during his life in the motor and agricultural engineering business, read more about him on Skeff’s pages.

Over the last 20 years we have been offered a large quantity of Motor Trader data sheets and other manuals which we started to sell to help pay the site costs.

As well as the books and information my Dad left us the proud owners of seven classic vehicles in various states of repair, lots of spares and tools, and after spending a lot of my spare time working alongside him, he left me with a lot of useful know how.

Having Mum to care for following Dad’s death we did not really do much with the vehicles other than sell the three that were complete and driving in order to cover outstanding bills.

Six years ago with a moderate works pension becoming available I left the Steel industry where I had spent 39 years in engineering and made a start at sorting out the old garage and remaining vehicles, with view to gradually restoring them to a stage where some of them can be sold to supplement our income, and allow us to get round a few shows etc.

We now have just two of our own classics left, a 1962 Land Rover which is on the road after a full chassis up rebuild using as many original parts as possible and a part restored MGBGT. The way the classic vehicle market is at the moment means it isn’t cost effective for us to buy and restore complete vehicles to sell so I am concentrating on refurbishing smaller parts for other restorers, alongside this we can also refurbish test and modify a range of other small mechanical type bits from lights to metal brackets to one off tools etc. We trade under the name of CJ Enterprises.

Looking towards the future and being aware that my wife Joy needs to be in a position to bring in an income without being totally reliant on my skills, alongside which we have over the past few years been involved with a few small house and garage clearance jobs we are extending the website to sell items that are old and interesting, we are at the moment starting to add text type books, we also hope to add more old tools, older light fittings etc. We aim to make these available at moderate prices, and stick mainly to items that can be posted to customers around the UK.


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