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Andy and Joy Lockwood trading as C J Enterprises.

We are a husband and wife partnership aiming to pool our skills to earn a few pounds to back up our pension, our background is engineering and planning with a life long interest in vehicle restoration — read more.

We have built up a range of skills can be applied to many aspects of restoration and recycling type work.

We can also offer admin and paperwork skills including drawings, spread sheet design, copying paper documents to computer format etc.

Our skills come from working alongside a variety of skilled crafts people who were willing to take the time to pass on some of their skills, many of these people are no longer with us but we are passionate about passing on the old hands on know how while at the same time adapting it to take into account more up to date health and safety requirements.

We are also more then happy to refurbish parts for your classic at very reasonable rates, please keep checking our restoration pages to see the type of work that we do.

We are also happy to consider carrying out refurbishing /restoration work on non vehicle related items to your requirements, we are very happy to undertake a limited amount of work for charities (and other special causes) at rates that just cover our expenses and insurance etc — read more. 

*On this website*

For some years now we have traded in original of Service Data and Manuals, along side this we are including a wider range of specialist type books, lighting and small projects etc, most of these are not of high value but we would rather see them passed on than thrown away.   

We have an ever growing collection of free downloads for your use, these include workshop tables and tips, parts cross referencing and lots more.

We have a varied selection of old vehicle parts that we are sorting through and offering for sale.

We want to show you some vehicles we have restored and the type of work that we can do for you.   

For legal reasons please see our disclaimer page.

 We are updating the site so if you cannot see what you need please give us a call.