Lucas L691 type lights


Lucas L691 type lights as used on later Austin Healey 3000s, some US spec Land Rovers, Hillman Imps and some Morgans, among others.

We get asked to clean and refurbish these from time to time, they are quite a well made light with a solid brass chromed body,  lenses etc are available from various sources.

We struggled to source the original screws which are stepped to tighten up to a shoulder that prevents them tightening too much and cracking the lens.


We are able to replicate these be sourcing Philips head screws in A2 stainless with the correct 6-32 UNC thread, then fitting a small bore stainless tube with an internal thread over the screw.


We found that these lights don’t have much weather protection on the rear, we have seen some early ones with a rubber cover but have not been able to source spare ones, after a bit of experimenting with silicon rubber compounds we managed to produce some of our own using a very basic mound, I would never claim they are perfect but the do the job and look tidy.

The cost of refurbishing bits and pieces like these depends a lot on what needs replacing but our aim is the save your originals at a cost close to that of purchasing aftermarket replacements.