UNF / UNC Nuts and Bolts etc

We normally keep a small stock of Imperial Nuts and Bolts for our own use but we are happy to help out if we can when people need them so please contact us by phone email or facebook if you are in need. 

We also buy job lots of bolts now and again, in most cases to save them going for scrap when company’s de-clutter their stores, they didn’t cost us much so we are happy to pass this on.


We have a few hundred 7/16 UNF self locking nuts, they are not nyloc type they have a metal locking ring, no idea what make, they could be £6 for 100 plus postage in UK.     DSCN0925 DSCN0927DSCN0926

1 3/4″ by 5/16″ UNF unplated setscrews, slight signs of rust as photo shows, can be £5 per 100 plus postage in UK.                                                        DSCN0928 DSCN0929

1 1/2″ by 5/16″ UNF unplated bolts – old stock showing slight surface rust as picture shows — can be £5 per 100 plus UK postage.                                    DSCN0930 DSCN0932

Not sure what these are for, look like cylinder head bolts of some type, have about 50 of them, thought they may be handy for making other things out of if nothing else, open to offers.                                                                                       DSCN0933 DSCN0934